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CLL Compliance Labs Liechtenstein


Financial intermediaries face new challenges every day. Digitization, the demand for qualified key personnel, and the constantly increasing regulatory pressure are in focus.

Present-day customers want to be constantly informed and able to interact with service providers. On the other hand, regulatory authorities expect financial intermediaries to have heightened risk awareness, deep knowledge of regulatory issues, and a process-optimized compliance with a strong sanctions radar. Additionally, ongoing professional development and anticipatory thinking are expected from financial intermediaries.

This balancing act requires increasing professionalization at all levels from all financial market participants, which can be achieved through the use of innovative products and services or through continuous expansion of staff. While large institutions are able to address this task using their own resources and continually grow, smaller entities are increasingly under pressure. CLL Compliance Labs aims to fill this gap and supports its clients through customized services, enabling small and medium-sized service providers to have more time for customer care and their core business.

Compliance Labs?

  • Your employees often lack the time, the necessary expertise, and the resources to keep up with the latest changes and developments – CLL and its staff are always up to date.
  • Gain time and resources for your customers and the development of new services.
  • Benefit from a wide range of experience from our highly trained compliance consultants.
  • Exclude internal discussions on sensitive issues and thereby avoid potential profiling pressure between different departments within your company.
  • Interpersonal relationships within the company are less burdened, and employees are relieved in overwhelming situations.
  • Decisions are made by an objective, competent, and experienced person.
  • The implementation of measures is accompanied, reviewed, and driven forward.
  • Anonymous inquiries to authorities ensure legal certainty without disclosing weaknesses or uncertainties.


You determine the scope of our services. In-house compliance, project management, consulting, training, and the compliance hub are our strengths.


Your professional and experienced contact for technological and regulatory innovations, investor onboarding, token issuance, and remediation projects.

Data protection

We are happy to support you in implementing your specific data protection setup and with data protection-related questions. Protect the data of your customers with us!

CLL Compliance Labs Liechtenstein


We offer a young, modern, and dynamic work environment with growth opportunities, direct customer contact, and many benefits.