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CLL Compliance Labs Liechtenstein


Compliance Hub is a comprehensive solution for the field of compliance, which is realized using selected partner software. If you have any questions regarding its functions or technical requirements, please feel free to contact us.

CLL Compliance Labs Liechtenstein


  • All mandatory fields and parameters can be mapped and evaluated
  • Data for reporting to FMA, AIA, FATCA, and VwEG is available at the push of a button
  • Forms such as the profile or Form C and T can be automatically generated
  • Access to services such as PEP-Check
  • Redundancies are eliminated

Simple and fast time tracking

The working hours are charged to the respective mandate through the performance tracking of the administrative software (e.g., TimeSafe).

Task management

Integrated task and appointment management in the administrative software (e.g., TimeSafe).

Authorization concept and evaluations

In the administrative software (e.g., TimeSafe), permissions can be assigned to each employee.

Invoice creation and booking

Fast and automated invoice generation is possible through the administrative software (e.g., TimeSafe).


Various CRM information is recorded and queried through the administrative software (e.g., TimeSafe). Parameters regarding companies and stakeholders are captured and stored.

Analysis tool

In the analysis tool, the due diligence documents are directly generated based on the data.

Electronic archiving

In the administrative software (e.g., TimeSafe), a connection to the electronic archive is established. The archival program ensures easy and secure archiving of all relevant company documents.